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Date Created 8/19/2008

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bigQfan Over 1 year ago
beautiful photo...really nice work

i have perused your record collection quite thoroughly, and find many similiarities with my collection. i have a few questions if i might....

the purple box betwqeen Steve Miller and Willie Nelson...could it be a Bill Nelson box set? the name of it escapes me right now, but i believe it came with a free t-shirt.

and the bottom left corner bin? it seems as though it started out as alphabetized, but has become your catch-all. alot of your jazz is subdivided in here, and i also assume that it has alot of your recently played albums that perhaps you were to rushed to re-alphabetize. am i close on this?

also, nice copy of Mothermania...i looked for your Zappa collection and only found this one. hope its in good shape, its one of the harder ones to find.

anyhow..again, great subject and great photo
Ray_G_Hein Over 1 year ago
i had a pin ball game just like that for many years, lots of fun
StefanLD Over 1 year ago
Cool Photosynth !
heynicejacket Over 1 year ago
very cool scene. love the pointcloud!
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