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Please come take a look at the garden my parents work so hard to maintain!

I am so incredibly pleased with how PhotoSynth handled my first Synth. Had an upload error the first time round, but if the result looks like this then it's well worth a second run!

Goodies to take a closer look at: the meshing on the metal bench, the book on the table, the plant behind the table, the berries on the bush behind the table, the moss growing in the pavement cracks, the turtle, the bird pond :-) .

There's also a cute robin, but unfortunately he didn't get included in the main group - check out the photo list to see his set.

I would appreciate any comments on my first attempt.

Thanks for looking!
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Date Created 9/21/2008

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Hastarin Over 1 year ago
It's a great first effort. So much to look at as well.
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
I'll second that! It's a wonderful mix of beautiful subject and some really pleasing composition. I also love the shots taken in what appears to be diffused light from after a rain shower. The colours are just so rich.
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