Get Lost in the Ramble at Central Park



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After my last path synth, I thought I should try something a little more ambitious. The point of this synth was to take multiple overlapping paths and see if they synth together. Overall, I wasn't too successful. Only the end synthed together with the rest of the main synth. I feel that at least that is impressive, though.
I see now that I should have taken more photos at the top of the bridge if I wanted that to synth better to the bottom portion.

I did a lot of tricky cheats to push PS into understanding that everything is connected. A good number of times I made a duplicate of a photo, then cropped out everything other than a key area, so that more of the detail could be caught. One other time, near the Ramble sign, I cut out key points of other photos before and after it, then pasted and oriented them into the one photo that could link everything together. It's messy, but it worked!

Yet again, blurry photos were my major downfall, limiting PS's ability to match things up. I was also worried about taking too many photos, so I was trying to move faster, leading to more blur. In the end, I found that I had filled up my memory cards, so I couldn't have taken more if I had wanted to.

I hope you all enjoy it! I plan on going back, probably to a different area. I have a few other ideas that I'd like to try there...
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