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Pics taken with flycam and fraps to take a bunch of images really fast
if i was do do it again i think i will make it take less fish eye images so the edges don't warp as much

Here is the SLurl to the exact spot, but i believe you may be redirected so you might need to explore a bit, personally it is a really nice Sim and worth exploring Galaxy/52/32/36

I am also using a test shadow viewer, you can download that here:

They are the SD viewer SD meaning shadow draft. Here is the page for info on how to get it and how to change debug settings to activate them

If you have any questions feel free to IM me in world or better yet drop me a note card since my IM's tend to cap fast when i am offline
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Date Created 1/21/2009

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Cellsite Over 1 year ago
What a great Synth. you should post the SLURL to check it out in world.
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