5th Avenue Theatre



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Shot from the first row of the balcony
Megapixels 4.69
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Date Created 4/8/2011

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michaeldenis Over 1 year ago
Cool stuff, David!

As a side note, I'd be very interested to learn if this PhotoSphere(tm) was shot in video or with stills.. It is fairly error-free (notes the top left of stage).

What's especially notable, is that none of the people *right next to you* seem bothered of your actions. Very interesting! Prior to this latest approach, it was almost impossible to shoot something like this in a crowded area without getting a lot of gawks. I suspect that this capture approach and ICE's latest video-based rendering may mean very cool things for the medium. Expensive things, but very cool things (;

In any case, great work! Thanks for sticking with it, Microsoft, Photosynth, and Team!

David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Apologies for the very late reply. No, it was not shot via video.. It was show with the Photosynth app as a set of stills. Can't rightly say why the people around me weren't bugged by it :-)
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