Oregon Capitol Building (Front)



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Apologies for the poor starting angle.

Wait for a bit of the pointcloud to download, then use the [W] [A] [S] [D] [E] [C] keys to move in the six main directions and use the [{] [L] [:] ["] keys to rotate your camera angle.

You can also use the [T] key to have the camera automatically rise above the reconstruction and look down on it.

This was a quick test to see how Bundler's output would compare to Photosynth's synther. The synther's output is seen here and Bundler's output (given 50 additional images) can be seen here: http://photocitygame.com/swisher.php?scene=742%2Fscene&p=41244&c=223
Synthy 100%
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Date Created 4/21/2010

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jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Hey Nathanael, it's Jim. You've probably notice that I have been gone for a it.
I have started a discussion in the forum, which I think you will find interesting.
It is a long comment,but when you read it, you will understand why it had to be as long as it was. I know I have the tendancy to digress, but I think I managed to stay on topic fairly well, for the most part.
Take the time to read this comment in it's entirety, as I feel that it is important that you do.
Have a great weekend
jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Hey Nathanael, I was glad to see your comment as part of the discussion in the forum.
One of the things I have always admired and respected about you, from almost day one, is your willingness to be open-minded about new possibilities, and you have never ever dismissed any of my suggestions or ideas. your input has always and still is valued. The fact that you are willing to at least "see for yourself" has always been one of the things that I admire about you.I would not expect any less or more from you. You do not blindly dismiss, but you do not blindly accept. And you back up what you think by thinking before you let your opinion be known. In my life, I have not met too many people with that same positive trait.
I am going to leave you a link which pictorially shows exactly the materials you need for your up coming test. Thanks for the nice welcome back, as I have missed being away very much. This has not been a joy ride for me, and now I can share all.
jimcseke Over 1 year ago
here is the link if you have not seen this "synth" already"

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