Garden from the Decking



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Picture was composed by mounting a basic digital camera on a monopod. I rested the monopod in a Parasol stand. And kept repeated taking pictures whilst slowly turning the camera clockwise (about 14 pics per rotation) I started with the camera pointing straight down and after each rotation tilted the camera up a little. I continued doing this until the camera was aiming almost straight up. I now had about 190 pictures taken from to same spot covering a 360 view from floor to ceiling. Having uploaded the picture to my PC I then installed MICROSOFT SILVERLIGHT, a free piece of software that stiches these picures together to make a 360 panoramic picture. The MICROSOFT SILVERLIGHT software then enables you to upload directly to photosynth. The composition and conversion of your photos does take quite a while (about an hour) but as this was only my third attempt I was quite pleased with the result.
Key Points: take pictures that overlap, rotate camera on a monopod/tripod, face camera to the floor and then pan slowly upwards afer each rotation of taking pictures. Upload pictures into free Microsoft silverlight software. convert to to photosynth.
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Date Created 9/24/2010

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maxrottersman Over 1 year ago
Ah, that's where that screwdriver went (storage box). If you can write something more about how you do your panoramas in your descriptions others like me will enjoy it.
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