Aerial: Idaho Capitol Renovation 1/21/09



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Aerial photosynth tour of construction progress on the Idaho State Capitol, 1/21/09. This was imaged under balanced lighting conditions (complete overcast) using a 1DsMIII and a 100-400 L IS lens.
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Date Created 1/22/2009

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Bert Over 1 year ago
Nicely done...would be cool to add some street-side images to the synth.
Idaho_Airships Over 1 year ago
Greetings from Boise, Bert! You're absolutely right, and if I had time I would have done exactly that. From the looks of the weather I have plenty of opportunity to coordinate that with security (even though they know me...) over the next few weeks. Thanks!
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
This is really great. Point cloud is awesome.
Idaho_Airships Over 1 year ago
Thanks dariusmonsef. I wonder if the nicely populated Point Cloud is a function of the number of sharp images (I reduced the already sharp ~5500 pixel wide images down to 1800 pixels), combined with the fact that I shot a very straight lens, and shot almost 300 images. Can you confirm that these things play a part in the mapping-I'm completely unfamiliar with the algorithms? I've got another to shoot in a couple of days and will incorporate those matters into the new subject...
lostinthetriangle Over 1 year ago
Nice cloud point!
I thought the program reduced the "size" of the pictures before the upload (I read that somewhere.......I think)
Idaho_Airships Over 1 year ago
Thanks, lostinthetriangle!
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
great point cloud...privilege to be able to shoot from an elevated spot.
RedSux Over 1 year ago
Simply beautiful.
inimrepus Over 1 year ago
This is one of the best I have seen so far. Nicely done.
bitplane Over 1 year ago
Excellent synth. This is a great candidate for mixing with arial and overhead shots from MS Virtual Earth, if that's possible
Idaho_Airships Over 1 year ago
bitplane, that's a great idea-I can shoot verticals at the same resolution as these obliques. When I dig out I'll have to do this subject vertically, obliquely, and from the ground-as long as I'm not posing a security threat, or course. Thanks for your input!
Ahh-Photography Over 1 year ago
Excellent work! I obviously have inspiration here! Get me a plane!
aj0020020 Over 1 year ago
This is my favorite.
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