Acaray Sector E Structure



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Attempting to model a structure in Sector E using PAP.
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Date Created 1/13/2010

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jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Wow ! This is one of the great uses of Photosynth. I am assuming you have viewed some of sir_ivar's synths. One of my favorites of his is the Star Cave. I commented to him on how archaeology and Photosynth work beautifully together.
In one of his comments he mentioned how accurate Photosynth was. Accurate information in position and size etc... of your subjects is extremely important.
The combination of synthed photo, pointcloud, and viewer interaction create an informative and beautiful subject representation for people in your field and also laypersons like me.
I hope you continue using photosynth and displaying your finished works. There are a lot of non-archeologial type people out there who love this type of subject.
If you have the time, how is your post-processing experiment coming along? What if anything, have you found to improve any aspect of your synths?
Nathan.Craig Over 1 year ago
Hi Jim,

Sir_Ivar does wonderful work. I have been focusing on getting the point clouds into real world coordinates. I am extremely encouraged to hear Sir_Ivar report that synth is accurate. I am trying to figure out how to bring the clouds into a coordinate system that I can compare with other more traditional mapping methods (GPS & total station) so that I can have an empirical accuracy assessment.

In the mean time, I'm glad you enjoyed this synth. It was made with a pole mount and a Canon G11. These things are amazingly quick to produce. If they are accurate, which I suspect they are, then this will be a major boost to archaeological field work.

Thanks for your positive words.
Warm regards,
jimcseke Over 1 year ago
You have got to check out this synth and my comments in the Photosynth Lounge. In regards to improving the pointcloud.
And check out some of my synth which relate to the pointcloud improvement issue. I think (I know) I may have found a way to really improve pointclouds(images and accuracy)without taking more pics. Trust me on this one.
I call it the "Jim's Zoom Cheat" or the "Cseke Cheat Zoom" (I need to leave some kind of legacy : )
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