All Saints Church Turvey



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Date Created 5/3/2010

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jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Hey Gary, Jim here.
Please tell me you used the levels. I hope you don't mind but I checked the level of your photos and most of them were pretty darn close. Some were a bit off and others I could not determine. If you did not use the level, then you have really good sea legs.
If you did take the time, and these are indeed 2 side by sides, thank you.
I have been doing this type of experimenting for over 3 months.
Taking that many pictures is fun for the first 10 minutes.
Did you let a trained chimp take the "A lot of church"?
Either way, you did prove that camera orientation does make a huge difference. "Take as many photos from as many different angles" is the usual way, and you certainly did that.And the ratio of photos taken between each synt. Almost half the number and more than twice the result. Nice job. If this was a side by side comparison, then thank you for taking the time out of your day for this.
It is appreciated.
jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Oh, and it is a beautiful synth as well.
GaryMortimer Over 1 year ago
No I have not a level Jim, but I will get one next time I am in town. Perhaps the easier way of doing that would be to suspend the camera and let gravity level it. Firing Canons with CHDK maybe?

I did do the synths for my own comparison, I must admit I am still a little lost as to what makes great synths and what does not!

But seeing the point clouds more than makes up for that, I'm amazed every time ;-)
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