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Just testing what photo synth can do. This is an extreemly simple 3D object. I probably should have started with a cereal box..That will be my next try

I am suprised by the result... Don't think I need the ceral box... This is pretty interesting.
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Date Created 5/1/2009

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lostinthetriangle Over 1 year ago
This was much better than a cereal box, the texture helped bring out quite a nice point cloud, good job!
JoeSmith1837 Over 1 year ago
Thanks, this was my first "real try". I put a few photos as a panarama and that work but not really what this is meant for. I know understand what people mean when they say "good cloud". Took a look at your page. Pretty neat stuff. Really liked the cannons!
lostinthetriangle Over 1 year ago
Thanks Joe. Regarding the "point cloud" press P and then you will be able to see the cloud!
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