Dawn on snowy Josaphat Park (Brussels)



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Josaphat Park is a public park located in the municipality of Schaerbeek in Brussels, Belgium. It was designed by Edmond Galoppin and inaugurated by King Leopold II in 1904.

It usually gets covered with snow only a few days a year, generally cloudy ones. However in January 2013, it remained snowy for two weeks and there happened to be one clear and sunny morning where luckily, I was there to shoot it!

This pano is a stitch of 14 photos shot 30 minutes before sunrise from the 34th floor of the nearby Brusilia building in Brussels, using a Nikon D800 with a 50mm lens and a Ninja 5 pano head. It covers a span of about 146° horizontally. It was generated with ICE then saved as PSB.

See also my 4 Gigapixels high-resolution pano of the Josaphat Park shot in the afternoon at http://photosynth.net/view.aspx?cid=e6f24dca-6178-4d55-94d1-cd623cd3770c
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Date Created 1/29/2013

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frnaqvi Over 1 year ago
Wonderful picture and I'm surprised to see only 3 persons and 4 moving cars in the whole city...WOW. What time is that?
Brusilia Over 1 year ago
Thanks, frnaqvi. It was 8 am... but on a Saturday morning. And road were icy. So the city was quite empty!
Tinou Over 1 year ago
C'est MAGIFIQUE ! ! !
Sergiusz.Olszewski Over 1 year ago
Looks great! Where is Atomium?
Brusilia Over 1 year ago
Thanks, @synthero, for making it the Home Page hero this week!
zentralperspektive Over 1 year ago
Great Panorama !
Thaukka Over 1 year ago
extreemly beautiful sky.
goedele3 Over 1 year ago
Praaaaaachtig,respect for the nature,for the people and for animals i love it !!!!!
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