My Living Room



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My Living Room
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Date Created 12/5/2009

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Nathanael.Lawrence Over 1 year ago
Hey, this is a great leap forward in your synthing. Great job!

Your method seems to work pretty well here. There's a nice amount of distance between each shot so the virtual camera makes satisfying swoops as I transition from one photo to the next. Just be sure to rotate all your photos right side up before uploading. =)

While you're at it, you might consider filling in the 'Author' field of your photos' tags in a program like Windows Live Photo Gallery or Microsoft Pro Photo Tools. If you do, whatever you filled in will appear next to the license symbol on the lower left corner of the synth as well as on the Photo Credits when people see your synth on Bing Maps.

If you're after a photo-centred mindset with synths, your current technique is perfect, but if you decide to shoot for pointclouds someday, please look up my 'Orbital Propulsion (Gravity Assist)' synth. I haven't found a way to top that method yet for super detailed pointclouds.

Hope to see more soon!
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