The Cathedral of Vilnius



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The Cathedral of Vilnius (Lithuanian: Vilniaus Sv. Stanislovo ir Sv. Vladislovo arkikatedra bazilika) is the main Roman Catholic Cathedral of Lithuania. It is situated in Vilnius' Old Town, just off of Cathedral Square. It is the heart of Lithuania's Catholic spiritual life.
The coronations of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania took place within its confines. Inside its crypts and catacombs, many famous people, among them Vytautas the Great (1430), his wife Anna (1418), his brother Sigismund (Zygimantas) (1440), cousin (Svitrigaila (1452), Saint Casimir (1484), Alexander Jagiellon (1506), two wives of Sigismund Augustus: Elisabeth of Habsburg (1545) and Barbara Radziwic (1551), as well as others, are interred.
Inside, there are more than forty works of art dating from the 16th through 19th centuries; including frescoes and paintings of various sizes. During the restoration of the Cathedral, the altars of an presumed pagan temple and the original floor, laid during the reign of King Mindaugas, were uncovered. In addition, the remains of the cathedral built in 1387 were also located. A fresco dating from the end of the 14th century, the oldest known fresco in Lithuania, was found on the wall of one of the cathedral's underground chapels.
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