Oslo Opera House / Operahuset at Night



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The Operahuset of Oslo is one of the highlights you have to see when visiting the city. It is well worth to come at day and at night so get the most out of it (just mix it into the tour of the harbor at night). A nice feature of a tour to the Oslo Opera House is that you are free to walk around on the roof of the 525 million !! Euro building and have a great view on the harbour and the city of Oslo. When crossing the pedestrians bridge, just at the entrance to the Opera House's area you'll be able to see the five years of construction compressed in a gallery of aerial pictures. The two panoramas at the end of this page have been stiched together from six /three images using Microsoft ICE. All pictures were taken on November 20, 2012. (c) Kai Meinke, kaimeinke@web.de
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