Colorado Street Bridge Pasadena -Jan 17th 2012



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[LOCATION] Chasing the Sunset towards Pasadena on MLK... Clouds in the sky are always a plus... (Bad Weather; Good Photos... 'they' say.) [SOURCE IMAGES] 27 Raw Image Files from the Canon 5DMKII 21.1 MP Each [TIMESINK] Originally 28, 1 seemingly nominal frame with that should have not caused issues has left me sleep deprived. It, in the most persistent manner, firmly and repeatedly, all night long, kept embedding itself so that it blocked the road to the East.) Removing the offending frame was, obviously, the last and successful solution to what bordered on comedic absurdity. ;) [Post Production] Each Raw Image, being just raw sensor data, MUST be post processed. In this specific case (Split Tone : blue highlights and yellow shadow saturation) CA Removed, Curves Dialed, WB compromises made, increase mid tone contrast (clarity)... decrease global contrast until it starts to wash out... then center the histogram by increasing fill light, curve adjustments to darken the blacks without crushing them... recover blown out highlights without turning them grey... then mess with color channel specific saturation, hue and luminance so none of the images 'make my brain itch' [OFF TOPIC FOR THE MOST PART] (Is there a clinical term for 'Visual Brain Itch?' when there is something fundamentallly irritating about the way something looks at that given time, in a specific environment... knowing full well that it's impossible to pin down steadfast procedures to alleviate the offending aspect of the image because perception, mood, frame of reference, subtext, implied meaning and millions of emotional variables are dynamically interacting ephemerids and seemingly chaotic phenomena that must be addressed with software calibration... if ignored, the itch will go awa... but it's just easier and satisfing to just scratch he darned thing...) Ha, 'VBI for short' ;) [NOTES] Make sure that you export your images from lightroom or photoshop using 'sRGB' color profile... [TRICK] You can create an export seting in Lightroom so that you can Export all selected images DIRECTLY to Microsoft ICE from Lightroom.] [EXPORTING RAW IMAGE] Here are my RAW to TIFF export parameters if you wish to use them. I would love to hear about other settings and considerations. :) ] ###For stitching in MICROSOFT ICE (5DmkII)### EXPORT RAW --> TIFF --> 360 DPI --> sRGB -->16bit = 120MB each ... but... they stitch consistently well... and maintain sharp details, etc... _______________________ Cheers! -=gb=-
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Date Created 1/17/2012

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