black and white butterfly



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Alot of fun taking pictures of butterflys. These guys were hiding all over the place.
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Date Created 11/14/2008

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Jonathan Over 1 year ago
When I zoom in, it looks like the wings are made of paint. Very cool!
Skullheadface Over 1 year ago
Thanks Jonathan !
I really love this website, and it's such an awesome way to view pictures. The love of photography and computers come together great in a "photosynth" world.
Darryll-the-BallBag Over 1 year ago
You synthy loser. You synthless ball bag. If I ever see you, I'll beat the synth out of you.
Skullheadface Over 1 year ago
I see.......ball bag....i'm waiting
brotherprinter Over 1 year ago
Press P and make the photos go away. The 3D particles are equally as impressive!
Skullheadface Over 1 year ago
Your right michaeltyas, I always forget about that cool feature. Thanks !
Skullheadface Over 1 year ago
mirjschoenf Over 1 year ago
Wow. This looks great. What type of camera do you have?
Skullheadface Over 1 year ago
Thanks Mirjschoenf ! I have a -Kodak Z1015 IS- Its a great camera, and I'm still learning different things about it and how to use it in different situations. Its alot of fun !
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