King Arthur VS Red-Dragon



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Working more or less: rotate the knight until you see the street; search the dragon.
Use the big arrows, it's better than the mouse to catch the doughnut!

same trick as in PBMagic-3 down there ;-)

Sorry that it doesn't work anymore with the new viewer :-((
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Date Created 3/7/2009

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douglas Over 1 year ago
Cool effect, how long did it take you to make this synth?
swami_worldtraveler Over 1 year ago
Nice:) I like this creative play and mix w/ synth. Good job.
Pierrot21 Over 1 year ago
Hi Douglas.
It's not very long to do: choosing a picture with much texture (the street) so uou can bind smaller pictures with the 2 objects; and some tests ...
I allready had the 2 objects; each one need a few hours remove the background; that's longer to do!
the knight:
the dragon:
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
very smart!!
Marvin Over 1 year ago
Very clever.

I would try the following:
1. Use a black background for the objects - it makes it look nicer.
2. Try binding more than one picture to each object. If you can get the correct 3 images to bind to each object, I believe you'll actually get the pointclouds to combine. That would be **REALLY** cool.
Pierrot21 Over 1 year ago
Thanks for your advice
I can understand #1 and maybe I'll do it; but I don't understand #2 bindind 3 pictures, do you mean a zoom effect?
Marvin Over 1 year ago
Hi Pierrot. I used the word "bind" because that's what you used in a previous comment.
Basically, if you look at the pointcloud, you'll find that while each of the knight and dragon have their own (very nice) pointcloud.
However, you never see their pointclouds combined.

If you want both the dragon and the knight in the same pointcloud, you'll need more than one picture of them in the combined scene (at least 3)
Marvin Over 1 year ago
A good example of this is:

Where he managed to get the pointcloud of the object into the scene.
Pierrot21 Over 1 year ago
Hi! I didn't understand 3 vs 2 pictures (I know 'to bind' but usually you bind only 2 pictures)
In this other synth the big difference is that there is no (same) background: white background for the object and white sky. Then he made a good job by puting the top of the roof into the white background. I don't think it's possible to calculate a background in such a textured street as mine.
But you give me the idea to introduce the knight into a dark street at night ...
Marvin Over 1 year ago
I don't think it's as simple as the background issue. Photosynth needs matching feature points in order to connect things.

Instead of "doing it at night", what if you added a white sky to everything and tried to "bind" shots looking up (from the legs of the dragon/knight). That way the background would realistically be white?
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