The Post Alley Gum Wall, Seattle



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Seattle's Post Alley Gum Wall, opposite the Poster Wall:

...and another living art installation of Seattle, the gum wall originated from people waiting in line at Market Theater. Eventually the theater stopped removing the gum, and when renovation was done on the building about a decade ago, they were required to keep vibrations to a minimum so as not to knock off any gum.

In synth mode, synths like this could make a fun scavenger hunt (but no cheating in 2D mode!). I'll give you two: 1. find the piece of paper, 2. find the bowtied rabbit made of uncertain building materials (is it what I think it is?).

Xpro actions by caterpillars ( and heynicejacket (
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Date Created 11/7/2008

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Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Aiyo! This is so crazy. =]

Congrats for getting up on the front page!
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