Cincinnati Art Museum Exterior - West Wing



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This is the West wing of the Cincinnati Art Museum. It is currently not in use, but when it was it was the Cincinnati Art Academy. The Art Museum, from what I understand, has plans to modernize the facility and use it for more display space.

This is one of just a few synths I have created of the Art Museum, to check out the others please by searching for my user ID or on "Cincinnati Art Museum". I have another exterior synth that is focused on the front entrance and also an interior view of one of the great halls (which needs more work).

To really enjoy the benefit of so many photos, press the P key to cycle through the various modes. When it is in the point cloud mode, find a ring and then hold own the mouse key while moving the mouse to spin the whole 3-D structure.

Check out the GeoTag to find out where The Cincinnati Art Museum is located! I have GeoTagged my other synths so check them out too.

I have included a view of downtown Cincinnati too, if you can find it. If you start off at the beginning of this synth and walk to the door way that you see in the distance, about half way to that, you will find a halo where you can then spin to your left and face away from the building. Between the trees is a view of downtown Cincinnati which is more of Over-the-Rhine than near the river front. Alright, I admit, it is not easy to find. You have to head to the door, then turn to your right about 270 degrees to find it. For some reason if you turn 90 degrees to your left it will not take you there! Hmm... Interesting... I think I know how to fix it! ;-)

Also you might be able to find a few different views of the two over the top of the museum. It is interesting how Photosynth is able to join all the perspectives in to the same tower.
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blaise Over 1 year ago
Scottt, when we start linking synths and increasing the immersion of the experience these Cincinnati photos will really sing. Very nice work!
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