Cascades and Bellevue from Seattle (with labels)



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This is the view of Bellevue and the Cascade Mountains from the Mt. Baker neighborhood in Seattle, which borders Lake Washington. Many Seattleites also see these mountains when commuting across the lake on the floating bridges. I’ve been doing this drive for 15 years but didn’t know the names of many of the peaks.

So, after stitching this I called on Larry Robinson ( for help. I’d previously admired Larry’s labeled panoramas of the Cascades here on Photosynth and on his website: Larry took the GPS coordinates of my shooting location and used National Geographic Topo! to find the bearings ( to the various features to determine what is visible in this image. He then added the labels to the image using Photoshop. As a final check, we called upon John Roper ( to verify the work and give some suggestions for the more esoteric names. Many of the peaks identified in this image do have one or more alternate names; to keep things simple we tried to pick the most commonly used one.

In case you want to find these on a map, many of the peaks labeled here are also captured in a Bing Maps collection:!774

This was shot from Mt. Baker Ridge in Seattle on 11/5/2011 from 4:47–4:54 p.m. The location was about 100 yards from this Photosynth which was shot a few minutes earlier:

-RAW processing in Adobe Camera RAW
-84 x 25MPix tiff images stitched by Microsoft ICE
-Labels added in Photoshop (Larry)
-National Geographic Topo! for bearings (Larry)

Hardware: Gigapan Epic Pro, Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III (at f/9, ISO-640, aperture priority), and 300mm lens with 2x extender.
Gigapixels 1.00
Views 24990
Favorites 23
Date Created 11/20/2011

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digitalgeoff Over 1 year ago
Wow That is i call a Panoramic view,majestic
MagiView Over 1 year ago
Great, this idea of labeling a pano. I intend to do the same with sme of my panos of Brussels...

I just read that you are the head og the ICE design team. Congratulations, it's a great, fast and easy-to-use software - I use it for most of my panos.
However, it is not very repeatable, and it can't stitch "horizontal" panos shot with long telephotos (such as 25 photos on one row). Are you aware of these problems?
Would you like me to document them for you?

Also, would you like to have some "magic tricks" for removing the haze in panos like this one?

Jacques (2011 "at" magiview "dot" com).
jay.gantz Over 1 year ago
Hello! I was wondering if I might be able to get a high resolution copy of this image from you? I would be willing to pay if you like... jagcool "at" yah0o (dot) c0m
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