Children's Peace Monument (Hiroshima Peace Park)



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The Children's Peace Monument is particularly dear to my heart because I love children, origami, peace, and have a deep compassion for the Human Race!:)

Hopefully you will come away from this synth with asense of hope and a "warm fuzzy":)

For my associated blog, "Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park - Day 1," go here

NOTE: I Didn't shoot this specifically for a synth, but realized I had enough shots to maybe make a half-decent one, after all. Well, at 27% synthy it's not particularly good from this standpoint, nor is the point cloud much, but I still think you may find it interesting, and hopefully worthwhile. With a well sequenced and commented set of Highlights I hope you will get a "feel" for the space and the beautiful expression of hope that it represents.

I feel very fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to experience the Children's Peace Monument and am pleased to be able to share it with you:)

Take care, be well, and ALWAYS HOLD OUT HOPE FOR PEACE!:)...



P.S. You can learn more here:
Children's Peace Monument
Sadako Sasaki
Thousand origami cranes
Synthy 27%
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Date Created 11/3/2009

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