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Located at River Mile 116.5, Elve's Chasm is a refreshing stop with a quick hike up to this slot canyon where one can swim, climb, and jump into the crystal clear pool. With shadows moving quickly and covering the swimming area, I was forced to over-expose the downstream view in order to get a good image of the waterfall. Several members of our party climbed above this falls to explore the beautiful side canyon further while I shot this GigaPan. The water is plenty cold in April, but very nice until my jump from the falls landed way too flat with a smack to my rear end. It had been a long time since my backside stung so badly. Grand Canyon GigaView is a new school virtual tour of the Grand Canyon created with a collection of GigaPan images taken on a private rafting trip in April 2010 and geolocated in Google Earth. Explore the journey Search for it here on or dive into the day by day trip report at the link above. Enjoy & please share with your networks! Thanks for your interest in my work. Thomas Hayden
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Date Created 7/27/2010

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