Colorado Street Bridge - Bridges of Pasadena in the Rose Bowl Area



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Suicide Bridge - Pasadena

This is one of the coolest old bridges in the pasadena area. The freeway momentarily parallels it to the north... at highway speeds, it is a flash in the corner of your eye... It bridges the Arroyo Seco. The Rose Bowl is just to the North and Downtown Pasadena to the East
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Date Created 12/7/2011

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David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Garret -- very cool subject, just like all your others.... Love it. I think we may need to dedicate the front page of to some of your great stuff for a few days soon...
garretbaquet Over 1 year ago
Thanks David! I really enjoy shooting these panoramas, I wouldn't nearly shoot as many, or any at all, if it weren't for I really appreciate the fact that you guys/gals provide an end to end solution for the creation, upload, presentation and distribution of wonderful and unique rich media. The best part is when people see a photosynth for the first time and their eyes light up... It seems to liberate an inner child that is seeing the world in a new way. :)

Seriously thought... my pre-production planning and gear selection are increasingly dictated by my urges to shoot more elaborate, detailed and technically complex panoramas...

Thanks again!
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