Ljusdal closeup, the heating plant, 300mm



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On saturday we had a temperature drop to about 25C/77F at 12am and 29C/84F at midnight so it was not very comfortablyto take any pictures. It gave me the idea though to make aclose up on theheating plan on Sunday when it was comfortably 15C/59F. I don’t have the datas of how many households, buildings and Stores the heating plant warms. Wood chip and tree bark is used to heat the water that warms up the the centre of Ljusdal. When the need of warm water vary in the morningn,evening, at sudden temerature changes and at maintenance an oilburner is needed as a complement. Therefore has the heating plant been added with an accumulator tank. The tank will hold 3700 000 liters of water at a temperarature of 97C/206F and will provide Ljusdal with enough warm water for 5-6 houers at a stop in the heating plant without using the oil heater. That will make the heating plant environmentally friendly. The accumulator tank is 46 meters high (151 feet) the highest construction in Ljusdal except a few chimneys. That tells you that Ljusdal has a very modest skyline. It takes 10 days to fill the tank with water wich may say something obout the water supply network. How long it takes to heat up the water to the desired temperature is not in the information. Source of facts: LjusdalsPosten.
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Date Created 2/6/2012

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