Summer solstice in Oslo.



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White nights of midsummer.

In Norway, midsummer witch its long, white nights is the most magical and bewitching time of the year. Not only are these nights magical. According to folklore, midsummer is also the most powerfull night of the year. As a result, suprisingly many babies are said to be born in March and April.
There's no midnight sun in Oslo (you have to go up north a bit for that), but it's not dark out.

June 21st.
1.00 a.m.
Latitude 59,91N
Sunset 10.44 p.m. Sunrise 3.54 a.m.
Lenght of day 18h50m01s
Total "sunlight time" 22h18m
Megapixels 691.23
Views 55061
Favorites 10
Date Created 6/22/2012

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garretbaquet Over 1 year ago
Superb Work! I appreciate your patience, technique, precision and tripod placement. :)
ashinms Over 1 year ago
Why does no one comment on these things? This has been viewed over 16000 times, and there are only 2 comments...
alkirob Over 1 year ago
This is amazing!
peephotosynthTH Over 1 year ago
Amazing Panorama
Brusilia Over 1 year ago
SUPERB, Robert. Favorited!
pote4 Over 1 year ago
Beautifully captured
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