Anaehoomalu Bay South



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I didn't really do this with a synth in mind (and it shows!)

Just south of Anaehoomalu Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii, there is a set of anchialine ponds between the lava and the sand of the beach. The intention with this set of photographs was to take a set of orthogonal aerials and assemble them into a fairly low distortion 2D composite.

But after making the ortho set, I walked back and took some oblique photos so that Photosynth would have enough angles on the site to do a decent job at making an accurate point cloud.

This not quite on purpose approach resulted in some odd transitions in the synth, but the comprehensive set of orthos makes most of the terrain around the anchialine pond complex easy to explore.
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Date Created 8/18/2009

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TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
Another great one Tom. Nice utilization of shade by the way :-)
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