The Grand Canal by Vaporetto



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There's no cheaper way to see Venice than by vaporetto, and maybe no better way. This synth was mostly shot looking north from the vaporetto between the Academia bridge and Basilica della Salute at the mouth of the Grand Canal. You'll see some night-time shots too, including the very first photo in the 2D grid.
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Date Created 8/17/2008

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Jonathan Over 1 year ago
If you had a second photographer maybe you could have been able to get shots of both sides of the canal.

Or - just get someone else to do it now and share the photos with you to build a more encompassing view. This is a great way to experience one side of the vaporetto ride, but I want to know what's on the other side.
Rodney Over 1 year ago
This is amazing technology But millions of people on their Macs will never be able to create one of these!
Poldo Over 1 year ago
I have tremendous respect for Microsoft for the message they have for Mac users. They're not cool enough, yet but eventually, the other operating systems would be able to use this eventually.

And this, this is one hell of a shot! Good job, this should be a model for synth. ;)
MoTo Over 1 year ago
no ye
johnny5 Over 1 year ago
ymishory Over 1 year ago
Wouldn't it be great if this synth could be merged with the incredible San Marco Square synth? They both show the square tower, so they have a good reference point.

Eventually, when mining pictures from web photo services (Photobucket, Flickr, etc.) will be made possible (here's hoping...), I foresee entire cities being available for virtual-travel using Photosynth technology!
jaleduque Over 1 year ago
it´s an amazing tool, but i can´t see the samples yet, i only see the green background...i don´t know what to do to see the synths!!
ChinaID Over 1 year ago
PeterUK Over 1 year ago
Excellent! Deserves Home Page link.
One query to help a newcomer - How did you add the Map link to get to the right canal, in Venice, in Italy and not in USA?
irlandes Over 1 year ago
is very nice
Torcas Over 1 year ago
When you press crtl and move the mouse around,magnificent!!!
Jake33 Over 1 year ago
note to jaleduque:
You must use FireFox or IE.
Also, you must have the Photosynth program installed.
Jake33 Over 1 year ago
Real-estate companies could use this software to create virtual tours of houses!
solomonxs Over 1 year ago
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