Scott's Discovery Hut



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Robert Falcon Scott led two expeditions to Antarctica hoping to reach the South Pole. This hut, near the present location of McMurdo Station, was built for the first of these, the 1901-04 Discovery Expedition. On this first exploratory journey, Scott's party (which included Ernest Shackleton), only reached 82 degrees south.

Scott returned to Antarctica in 1910 as leader of the Terra Nova Expedition. On this expedition he reached the South Pole in January 1912, a month after Amundsen raised the Norwegian flag there. Scott and his party died in their tent on the return trip, only a day's journey from a food depot.

Discovery hut was subsequently used by the Ross Sea party from Shackleton's 1915 Transantarctic expedition, and some of the provisions seen here probably date from that time.
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David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
My friend John shot this, and tells me it was truly frigid in there. He hand-held a flash for most of the photos since there is very little light.

Lots of great details on the Wikipedia page:
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